Miquel Badia, a young Catalan radical independentist, is arrested for being part of a plot to attack King Alfonso XIII.

Shortly after leaving prison, the party in which milita integrated the coalition that led the Republic to Catalonia: Republican Left of Catalonia.

With the new responsibilities of government, Michael will enter into a wrathful spiral, where he will have to choose between ideals and politics, create new enemies and fight for forbidden love.

Director Presentation

My name is Marcel Buisan, I’m a screenwriter and director. I come to present you with “Badia”, a black film short film project set in the Catalonia of the 2nd Republic and based on the figure of Miquel Badia (1906 – 1936).

You will have noticed that works about the recent history of Catalonia are scarce in our cinemas, televisions and platforms. With “Badia” we want a cinema in Catalan that talks about our past that, we’re sure, is still interesting in Catalans and Catalans around the world. We also believe that our collective memory must be conveyed to film festivals in Europe and the whole world.

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